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gpgAuth-npapi : Documentation : Building/Compiling : MS Windows

In order to build/compile the gpgAuth NPAPI plugin, the FireBreath project needs to first be built by performing the following -

Go into the source directory or git repository via the command line, and issue the following command:

NOTE: change "prep2010.cmd" to the version of Visual Studio you are using; for example: prep2008.cmd if you are using Visual Studio 2008

firebreath/prep2010.cmd . build

This will generate the project solution for Visual Studio, and create a build environment in the directory ./build

NOTE: Do not change the files in the build directory. The build directory is a temporary staging area - all changes to the plugin source should be made in the ./gpgAuthPlugin folder.

Compile using Visual Studio IDE

To build/compile the NPAPI plugin using the Visual Studio IDE, open the solution file and use the normal build/compile methods.

Compile from the command line

To build from the command line on windows (without using the Visual Studio IDE), go into the source directory or git repository and execute the following command:

cmake --build build --config MinSizeRel --target gpgAuthPlugin
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